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Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer

£16.00 (Incl VAT)

Product Description

Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer

Compression Sprayer Master 2000 Plus of 2.0 liters volume.

removable nozzles, compatible with all compression and knapsack Marolex sprayers
nozzle with regulated angle / liquid output
comfort and ergonomic handle
safety valve
modern design
stable and resistant bottom
volume scale in litres and US gallons
semi-transparent tank
durable parts and sealings
highly efficient and light pump
compatible with Marolex additional equipment (i. e. flat stream nozzles)
Master 2000 is a modern air - compressed sprayer of 2.0 litre capacity.

Handy shape and high quality parts in this model make it excellent appliance for home and garden.

The washers are chemically resistant to most aggressive solutions.

Light-weight, yellow translucent polypropylene tank, brass nozzles with regulation of stream angle high efficient pump.

Part No: ADMAR2000
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